“To be inspiring one must first be inspired – Isabelle Lord evokes just such inspiration in this ‘easy to read and apply’ book featuring practical tools and actionable advice. I have found great benefit both in reading her collected wisdom cover-to-cover and in keeping it as a trusted reference by my side to help me better navigate the sometimes perplexing and often peculiar art that is effective human to human communication.”

Trish Uhl, author, Mastering the CPLP® |
Learning Systems Engineering at Owl’s Ledge

“In The Inspirational Manager, author Isabelle Lord presents an integrated, fascinating, and executable approach for the implementation of proven strategies. With case studies, insights, experience, she reveals the knowledge for understanding our strengths, challenges, and offers solutions for overcoming obstacles in a way that invites positive and progressive growth. Now, you can follow her guidance and revolutionize your life and results.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author,

“Isabelle Lord’s practical, easy-to-read guide helps leaders and managers get actionable ideas that they can implement to become better communicators and more inspiring leaders. I love that she doesn’t just give advice, but also includes stories that help concretize it and make it easy to follow. As a leadership development strategist myself, I find her ideas and suggestions to resonate and mirror many of those I share with my clients. Her insights were very helpful on her recent conversation with me on my leadership podcast, The TalentGrow Show, so I definitely feel comfortable suggesting her book for any leader!”

Halelly Azulay, author, Employee Development on a Shoestring |
host, The TalentGrow Show leadership podcast

“I have just finished reading your book this morning and WOW!!! I want to thank you for sharing with us your experience and great actionable tips. I am a young manager, 28 years old, in a large retail business. I have more than 90 employees and 5 supervisors to manage. The market is in constant change and your solid experience helped me a lot. Thanks again.”

Michel Deveau Simard, Sales Manager, Sears Canada