Do you know the ten communication
strategies of leaders?

Would your employees say you’re
an inspiring leader?

Intended for managers and those who aspire to lead, The Inspirational Manager explains the core principles of communications and provides a slew of examples of how leaders apply these effective principles in their day-to-day lives. Starting with an assessment to help you discover your personal style—analytical, driver, conciliator, or expressive—Isabelle Lord provides not only “what to do” but “how to do it” strategies suitable for each type.

Fifteen exercises help you assess your behavior, and then better understand formal and informal communication channels (email, conference calls, meetings over coffee, etc.)  “Questions for my coach” and stories shared by leaders demonstrate the importance of being credible, coherent and clear, while still showing empathy. This business book rests on an actionable, results-oriented, pragmatic approach that never loses sight of the realities leaders must face.