THE INSPIRATIONAL MANAGER THE 10 RULES OF LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATIONS Do you know the ten communication strategies of leaders? Would your employees say you’re an inspiring leader? Intended for managers and those who aspire to lead, The Inspirational Manager explains the core principles of communications and provides a slew of examples of how leaders apply these effective principles in their day-to-day lives. [...]

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Isabelle Lord is President of Lord Communication managériale. She is an author, trainer, and professional certified coach (PCC) and works with leaders who wish to improve their management communications skills. She has trained more than 35,000 managers and leaders. Her book, The Inspirational Manager, released for the first time in English, is a best seller [...]

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Upleading Group is a subsidiary of Lord Communication managériale, founded in 2008 by Isabelle Lord, based on her deep conviction that inspiring management communications in our organizations improves performance by optimizing our people’s potential. That responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of managers. But how can we take responsibility for this when our communication skills [...]

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“To be inspiring one must first be inspired - Isabelle Lord evokes just such inspiration in this ‘easy to read and apply’ book featuring practical tools and actionable advice. I have found great benefit both in reading her collected wisdom cover-to-cover and in keeping it as a trusted reference by my side to help me [...]

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